Energy Calculations
ASHRAE Technical Committee 4.7

Meetings Information

Houston Meeting, June 2018

Urban-Scale Energy Modeling, Part 8
Track: Fundamentals and Applications Room: 372AD, (3), GRBCC Sponsors: 1.5 - Computer Applications and 4.7 – Energy Calculations
Chair: Joshua New, Ph.D., Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN
1. A Comparison of Two Modeling Approaches for Establishing and Implementing Energy Use Reduction Targets for a University Campus Shreshth Nagpal, MIT, Boston, MA
2. Impacts of Building Geometry Simplification on Energy Simulation Results of Urban Building Energy Models Tianzhen Hong, Member, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, Berkeley, CA
3. Stepping Outside the Door: Using Building Energy Modeling to Understand the Impact of Energy Choices Matt Cox, The Greelink Group, Atlanta, GA
New ASHRAE Standard 209 on Simulation Aided Design for Buildings
Track: HVAC&R Systems and Equipment Room: 372BE, (3), GRBCC Sponsors: 4.7 - Energy Calculations and SPC 209
Chair: Erik Kolderup, P.E., Kolderup Consulting, San Francisco, CA
1. Introduction to the New ASHRAE Standard 209 on Simulation Aided Design Jason Glazer, Member, GARD Analytics, Inc., Arlington Heights, IL
2. Climate Analysis Examples for ASHRAE Standard 209 Alejandra Menchaca, Resource Refocus LLC, Menlo Park, CA
3. Analysis of Conceptual Building Designs in Compliance with ASHRAE Standard 209 Clark Denson, Member, Smith Seckman Reid, Nashville, TN
4. Optimization of Hospital Window Design in Compliance with ASHRAE Standard 209 Andy Brophy Associate Member, Smith Seckman Reid, Spring Hill, TN
5. Innovative Graphical Presentations of Early Design Simulation Results Jacob Dunn, Eskew+Dumez+Ripple, New Orleans, LA
New Advances in Simulating Fenestration Systems
Track: HVAC&R Systems and Equipment Room: 372BE, (3), GRBCC Sponsor: 4.7 – Energy Calculations Chair: Jeff S. Haberl, Ph.D., Texas A&M University, College Station, TX
1. ASHRAE Research Project RP-1588: Development of the Solver Neal Kruis, Member, Big Ladder Software, Denver, CO
2. RP-1311 ASHWAT Detailed Fenestration Model Charles S. Barnaby, Life Member, Moultonborough, NH
3. ASHRAE Research Project RP-1588: Application of the Solver Yu Joe Huang, Member, White Box Technologies, Berkeley, CA

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